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ARACAJÙ  Port - TMBI Terminal -Barra dos Coqueiros  (      Fertilizers   , Grains , Ores, Projects      )

PIER I                   9,50 M           55.000          200 m           Not Applic              3/40000mt p/day        1,025         01 SHORE UNLOADER  + CONVEYOR BELT

Pier                Draft         dwT          LOA        dISPLACEMENT    DISCHRATE             W.D          EQUIPMENTS

Important :

  •     INFRAESTRUCTURE TAX:   Clientes  transiting  in Aracaju Port must address extra attention to the tariff of Infraestructure which is paid by Owner under formula  Dwt   x  usd 1,80                                                                                                    

  •     TIDE MANOUVERS :  Till 8,0 m draft manouvers are performed any time - over 8,0 m only during high tide periods
     Distance from water line to crane hooks, when the cranes arms are suspended, should be in 18 min.

  •   VESSEL´S APROVAL : All vessels calling TMIB must be previously approved by Terminal trhough Charters/Brokers channels                                                                                                    

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