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Our  Longterm Partners for

           Medical Evacuation - Offshore Platforms ,Cruise and Cargo Ships

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IMC Int Medical Care

Address   Av. Av. Venezuela Nbr 131 / 6o floor -Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ -CEP 20081-310  - 
Tel.: (55 21) 2263-4748 
Fax.: (55 21) 2233-2565 
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Dr      Bernardo S. Campos - CEO

Mobile : 0055  ( 21 ) 9 9985 5673

Email :

Mrs     Olga Khamyanova  - Financial Director ( Owner -Russian origin speacker)

Mobile : 0055  ( 21 ) 9 9872 5673

Email :

Dona Irene Restaurant-RUSSIA COUSINE in the heart of Rio de Janeiro mountains.

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The Dona Irene restaurant, founded in 1964, in the municipality of Teresópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, by the Siberians Mikhail Flegontovich Smolianikoff and Eupraxia Wladimirovna Smolianikoff. The cuisine served was the same as when they lived in Russia under the Romanoff dynasty, following the same ritual used by the aristocracy at the time, which divided the meal into 4 stages, maintained until today. In the first one, ZAKUSKIS is served, which means "small pieces" and consists of a variety of cold cuts such as caviar, herring, salmon, pâtés, salads, among others. They are intended to accompany the small and innumerable glasses of homemade vodka, produced by hand and considered the soul of the Russian meal. The popularity of zakuskis increased in the 19th century. XIX among Russian landowners: it was the perfect response to the arrival of unexpected visitors who came to shelter from the intense cold of the roads. They were welcomed with a generous glass of vodka, considered by Russians to be the best medicine for colds. To calm down vodka, nothing better than accompanying it with zakuskis. Customs established three basic rules for the consumption of VODKA: 1st - NEVER DRINK ALONE. 2nd - NEVER DRINK WITHOUT EATING SOMETHING NEXT. 3rd - NEVER TAKE IT IN SMALL SIPS OR MIXED WITH ICE OR TONIC, BUT ALL AT ONCE.

Our Commitment ...Russia and Brazil are rich lands  full of great people and hard workers which offers a universe of business opportunities  .We all must be prone to stimulate commercial relationship between countries that can lead to social fairness and  equity to the human being .

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